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 Shiraz Focus v4  
  • Create Stunning Gallery Wraps
  • Job costings and management
  • Create Photo Pack templates
  • Design and create print jobs
 SHIRAZ Focus v4 -  The Canvas Printing RIP!


designing and creating print jobs

Use the various mode of operation to design and prepare your images for print. From the simple Original to the incredible Wall Art mode all tools are made conveniently available to users for fast and efficient operation.

Selected photo packs can be easily and quickly be populated by images by drag and dropping them on the required area. Additional image editing such as rotation, mirroring and zoom & pan can be applied to these placed images if needed.

Images can also be retouched in the powerful and easy to use Image Editor. Optional print marks such as crop marks and job labels can be automatically added to jobs if required.

All the complicated issues associated with printing images accurately and efficiently on large format printers are effortlessly handled by the system.




versatile tool for creating photo pack templates

Users can create and add their own custom photo pack templates by using the editor included. This powerful tool includes many features that allow for easy and accurate creation of templates. Text boxes could also easily be added to contain any free form text or be linked to a photo element in order to utilise the Exif data or file information associated with the placed image.

All the functions that help with the automatic placement and alignment of the elements can be found here. User defined colour borders can be easily added to any selected elements.

Special functions for creating canvas wraps and panoramic type templates are included. The size and type of canvas borders such as mirror, stretch etc can be specified here. Borderless templates can be made by specifying the relevant parameters. Any number of photo pack categories can be created that enables the user to logically and easily organize their templates.



Image Edit

intuitive and visual tool for image editing

Employ the comprehensive list of colour editing features available here to visually alter and enhance images. There is a before & after preview of the image being edited. Any changes are shown instantly and all previews are colour managed to show the colour changes very accurately.

Special filters can be applied to images for specific effects such as sepia and duotone. Other filters available here include sharpen, blur and noise reduction. The colour balance of the images can also be adjusted to correct colour casts.

All steps can be undone and reset if required. All editing steps can be saved as a preset that can then be applied to any selection of images in a batch mode. Upon exit from the Image Edit application the system saves a copy of the original image with all the changes applied.



job costing and management

Using the actual and accurate information for ink and media usage reported back from the printer the system informs and records the job costing for printed jobs. Costing are calculated based on values entered by users in the system for all consumables and other related costs.

Once jobs have been printed then the RIP will automatically track and query the printer for the media and ink consumption and calculates the exact costing. The costing details are stamped into the jobs and can be queried at any time if required.


Wall Art

create stunning canvas gallery wraps arrangements

In this mode of operation users have the freedom and the tools to create canvas designs that are simply works of art.

First define the overall area of your design. Now drag the required image from the image browser onto this area. Now drag & drop any canvas wrap templates onto the image and arrange them in any format required. Utilise the extensive set of tools available here for automatic placement and alignment.

Click on the preview to get a simulated view of the design. Use the 3D rendering function to view and examine the canvases from all angles. View the canvas design as would be seen in a room environment and print a proof of this for customer approval.

Once satisfied with the design simply select the required media to print on and the rest is taken care of by the system. Each individual canvas will be rendered accurately taking into consideration the frame type, its positioning and the gaps.

Additionally the background image can be divided into tiles of user defined sizes with or without overlaps. If employing a printer that can print in borderless mode then the operator can specify this option that will automatically adjust and compensate for all the shifts and edge to edge printing. This will result in the accurate production of tiled panels that match perfectly on adjoining sides.



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