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Studio Twin Mug Press

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  • Application: Mugs
  • Printing Size:  Ø-80 mm mugs
  • Optional mug elements are available for
    Ø-72 mm mugs
  • Digital Time and Temperature Control

     £760.00 excl. VAT

     £912.00 incl. VAT

 Studio Twin Mug Press

Product Information

The Studio Twin Mug Press is manufactured to an extremely high quality and is a highly-advanced mug press that has two independently controlled heating elements that can be used to apply transfers to most types of mugs, money banks, water bottles, flasks and much more.

It’s lightweight, portable, simple to operate and requires minimum operating space, so is ideal for environments with limited working space or for use under a retail counter and suited customers with medium to high volume production.

Features includes a dual LED controller that provide a simple interface allowing you to set your required time and temperature on each element, fingertip pressure control, illuminated on/ off switches, counter display and a digital countdown timer to buzzer alarm.

Supplied with 2 of our large standard mug elements that accommodates Ø-80 mm mugs. Additional mug elements are available for Ø-72 mm mugs and coffee 'smugs' that can be quickly swapped out via 6 bolts and a wire plug and socket.

Compliance: Manufactured and tested to comply with EC safety regulations. CE labelled.

Supplied with:

- 12 months warranty on machine and a limited warranty on the heating element.
- Instruction manual including full operating and safety instructions, electrical wiring diagrams, exploded diagram and parts list.
- Service and spare part support.

Ideal for use with laser and sublimation transfers.



  Weight Gross 14.5 Kg / Net 13.5 Kg
  Brand  Adkins
  Heat Press Type
  Working Area (W x H x D): 31 x 41 x 58 cm
  Power Requirements: 230 Volts AC / 3 Amp Fuse / 280 Watts
  Heat Element:  Mica Heating Element
  Frame Material:  Cast Aluminium
  Control Unit:  LED Digital Microprocessor Control
  Working Temperature:  0 – 260 °C
  Display Timer Range:  0 – 9999 sec
  Warranty:  12 months (machine)



Studio Multi Mug Press
Studio Multi Mug Press
Studio Multi Mug Press

Interchangeable Heating Element

Designed to work with most standard styles of mugs, but additional heating elements are also available for Ø-72 mm mugs and coffee 'smugs'.

Mug Stop

To ensure consistent positioning of the mug the fully adjustable mug stop means you simply slide your mug into the press until the mug base meets the mug stop. You know immediately that your mug is in perfect position and ready to press.


Dual Digital Controller

The Studio Twin Mug Press features a dual Digital Controller for time and temperature accuracy, allowing the two heating elements to work independently and at the same time. The controller is easy and intuitive to operate, with full instructions included in the supplied Operators Handbook.


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