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 Eye-One Design LT
  • Provides consistent and reliable results
  • Profile your Printers and Monitors
  • Use for CRT & LCD Monitor Calibration

  Eye-One Basic  -  For Printers & Monitors!

Looking to get accurate on-screen color and more accurate color comps from your desktop printer? With Eye-One Design LT, profiling your monitor and desktop printer couldn't be easier. You can easily profile LCD, CRT and laptop displays. And our  small test chart technology makes profiling RGB and CMYK printers a snap. Simply measure a few rows of color swatches from your printer and Eye-One Match does the rest.  The bottom line - you won’t need to make excuses for your color again!

Eye-One Basic is an affordable solution designed specifically for those just starting out in color management - making it perfect for freelance designers, small creative firms and small print shops. And as your needs expand, Eye-One Basic can grow with you. When you're ready to tackle more critical color issues like proofing or high end photographic printing, upgrade to our advanced RGB or CMYK printer profiling module. You can also easily add digital camera profiling, scanner profiling, digital projector profiling and profile editing as your needs expand

Out of the box, Eye-One Design LT can calibrate and profile
  • Monitors - LCD, CRT and laptops
  • RGB and CMYK printers with "small test chart technology"

And now it comes with even more great new features
  • NEW accelerated Eye-One Pro, delivering twice the speed and improved ease-of-use for concise consistent measurements every time.
  • NEW highly sophisticated ruler system enables easy one hand scanning operation, and can be used with or without hte new backup board
  • NEW backup board with white surface scans materials up to 3 m and folds for easy transport.
  • NEW software accomodates all components of Eye-One system, including the new ruler and backup board
  • FREE Nik Photographic filters –  get four free filters plus a special offer for additional filters.

Eye-One Basic provides everything you need to implement a color managed workflow - and is fully upgradeable. It includes the industry defacto standard Eye-One Pro device and award-winning Eye-One Match software. The powerful Eye-One Share software that's also included lets you create endless color palettes that are completely compatible with your favorite design programs.  You’ll easily be able to measure, mix and share spot and PANTONE™ colors plus take advantage of a host of other cool design tools.

Eye-One Basic Features and Benefits
  • One measuring device for both emissive (monitors) and reflective (print) modes
  • Includes the ideal color tool for designers - Measure, mix and share spot colors and custom color palettes with the powerful Eye-One Share software
  • Ambient light measurement with the Eye-One Pro for verifying standard conditions
  • Easy-to-use, step-by-step software interface – no extra manuals needed
  • New "how to video" for scanning test charts and "optical beep" added for even greater usability
  • Laptop mode for better, more neutral laptop LCD profiles
  • Luminance settings for matching multiple monitors to each other
  • Easily upgrade functionality as your needs grow through software codes
  • Upgradeable to full automation with Eye-One iO scanning table (available Nov 2005)
  • One push button monitor calibration (PBC) support for Eizo CG18, CG19, CG21 and LaCie Electron b4 monitors
  • USB powered - no extra power cable required

New Small Test Chart technology
With this new technology, you can quickly and easily create a profile by reading just a few rows of color swatches from your printer. This "small test chart" technology uses a revolutionary, patent-pending approach which combines an internal pre-linearization and creation of a virtual large test chart. We then apply the most sophisticated profiling techniques to fine tune the gray axis. The resulting profile is based solely on perceptual rendering — the ideal solution for entry level color management

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