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 EFI eXpress RIP
  • Perfect proofs, color printouts and brilliant photos
  • Best results from the start
  • Cross platform for Mac OS X and Windows
  • Seamless integration with other applications

FIERY eXpress -  Easy-to-Use Proofing Solution!

Product Overview

Competition in the markets for advertising agencies, prepress and printing services is fierce today! Fiery™ eXpress helps differentiate your business by ensuring that you produce high quality documents every time for your customers. The entry-level Proofing to Go™ solution, Fiery eXpress, is perfect for small businesses with limited budgets and inexperienced operators looking to do validation printing and contract proofing out-of-the-box quickly, easily and effectively.

Feature Highlights

  • Eliminate downtime for installation. Fiery eXpress’ activation and set up wizards make licensing, registration and set up on your Macintosh® or Windows® operating systems quick and easy.
  • Focus in Standards. The solution includes several key features for advanced color management. Its Ugra/Fogra Media Strip 2.1 allows users achieve correct color, while Spot Color Editor supports an unlimited number of spot colors and libraries for Pantone®, HKS® and Toyo.
  • Bright, vibrant printouts and perfect black and white pictures. Fiery eXpress supports open market standards, so the solution integrates into open standards based workflow easily. The ICC compliant solution provides validation printing and contract proofing on your inkjet, laser and LED printers.
  • Lessen emplyee training time. Any employee can use Fiery eXpress, regardless of his/her skill level due to its user friendly graphical interface. The solution enables definitions of color and printing presets according to your requirements, comes with pre-defined print modes for proofing, photos as well as black and white printing and with an intuitive one-click spot color handling.
  • Effective communication between proof provider and customer. Fiery eXpress arms people, such as print buyers, with remote job processing and printing capabilities, enabling onsite proofing at their location to speed up the proofing approval cycle significantly.
    Offers high return on investment. Like many of EFI’s scalable solutions, Fiery eXpress can grow with your business needs. Simply crossgrade to a higher-end solution such as EFI Colorproof XF for greater functionality with the same user friendly interface.

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