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 Easymount EM-1400   
  • Cold mounting & laminating
  • Solid construction heavy-duty system
  • 2 cold silicon rollers
  • Adjustable rollers
  • Variable speed control
  • No warm up time required
  • Large roller cores for even pressure
  • Handy reverse mechanism
  • Foot pedal
  • Low maintenance

 Easymount EM-1400 Cold Laminator

Product Overview

The Easymount EM-1400 is a great choice for all commercial printer & sign makers.
This heavy duty, affordable system will mount and laminate large format graphics up to 1380mm wide.
The Easymount EM-1400 is a floor standing system that has been designed to cope with larger volumes it's ideal for mounting prints to boards and applying cold laminates.
With no rollers to heat, this cold wide format system is always ready just when you need it!

With advanced features and a new design, the Easymount™ is capable of delivering premium quality results for graphics and signage material.

There are 6 models to choose from in the range, starting at 720mm up to 1880mm. The 1200, 1400 and 1600 are the most popular models and can competently produce a highly efficient output of up to 3 metres per minute.

Many features have been enhanced on the wider models including additional mandrel holders for storing spare rolls and a larger swing out feed tray and safety guard for easy material loading.

•  solid construction heavy-duty system
•  2 cold large diameter rollers
•  release liner take-up
•  adjustable rollers up to 25mm
•  variable speed control
•  no warm-up time required
•  large rollers for even pressure
•  handy reverse mechanism
•  foot pedal for controlled operation
•  low maintenance.

•  50% faster - now up to 3m per minute 
•  additional mandrel holders for optional extra mandrels to save downtime between changing rolls 
•  unique ‘fixed feet’ feature means castors can be easily adjusted to become immovable feet - ideal if your floor surface is uneven 
•  larger swing out feed tray and safety guard making mounting onto board and loading materials hassle free 
•  pressure gauge on rollers, adjustable on machine to give perfect, even pressure every time.
Max Laminating Width:
Max Mounting Thickness:
Max Lamination Thickness:
Max Laminating Speed:
Laminating Temperature:
Power Consumtion
Power Supply:
Dimensions (w X D X H):

Width: 1400mm
Approx 3 metres per minute
AC 220-240v / 50-60hz
1990 x 648 x 1248mm
176 Kg
1 Year


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